Lightning Talks

Lightning Talks will occur on Wednesday, May 29 from 1 to 4 p.m. in Presidents Hall IV.

Time Name Title of Talk
1:00 PM Rachel Herder Penn State Intellectual Property Clinic
1:10 PM Nena Ellis Invent Penn State
1:20 PM Mark Armagost Securing Philanthropic Funding from Foundations
1:30 PM Melissa Erekson Corporate Engagement
1:40 PM Chuck Pavloski The Institute for CyberScience High-Performance Research Cloud
1:50 PM Josh Stapleton The Materials Characterization Lab (MCL):  Solving Problems from the Fundamental to the Applied
2:00 PM Congcong Wu EESL Solar Energy Lab
2:10 PM Nigel Deighton Huck Institutes of the Life Sciences Facilities
2:20 PM Susan Stewart Wind Energy Technology and Market Update
2:30 PM Shashank Priya Thermal Energy Harvesting
2:40 PM Eugene Morgan NRAP: Tools for Geologic Carbon Storage Risk Assessment
2:50 PM Chris Rahn Highlights of emerging research in energy harvesting and storage
3:00 PM Bruce Logan Hydrogen and ammonia are at the center of food-energy-water nexus
3:10 PM Jackie O’Connor Gas Turbine Research at Penn State
3:20 PM
3:30 PM Tom Richard Bioenergy as a Carbon Negative Technology
3:40 PM Meghan Hoskins Innovations in Solar PPA’s: Embedding Eco-System Services into the RFP
3:50 PM Greg Pavlak Peer-to-peer transactions for coordination of distributed energy resources
4:00 PM Chunshan Song CO2 Capture and Utilization for Sustainable Development
4:10 PM Seth Blumsack Energy Systems Transition Laboratory